Privilege: The unequal opportunity to good primary school in Nigeria

Just because I was privileged to attend private primary schools, which put me on a solid academic foundation, and paved the way for later successes in life, I'm not going to look at my friend who went to a failing public primary school, and now an ọmọ onílẹ̀ and call him lazy. I will not.... Continue Reading →


Let God Define Himself, Stop Projecting On Allah

About two week ago, on a breezy afternoon, while being meticulous of my speed on Belt Parkway I listened to NPR where an interview of John Oliver was was being aired. It got interesting when the satirist talked about how he mimicked (mocked) Christian televangelist on an episode and had people send him money like... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan Complex

There is this story - a parable - of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus in the Bible. A traveler was robbed, beaten, striped off his clothes and left to die on the road. A religious priest traveling saw the beaten man and walked away and so did a Levi. It was a man from... Continue Reading →

Racing Towards Distraction

Cold, he cuddles up on the sofa, blue laptop in hand, and fumbles through the blog, doing some updates. Shivering, he sits up and sets the computer on the thighs, field-notes to code, ethnographic analysis to write ahead of Monday. It is bitingly cold, and the hands of time shall be stretched forward tonight. The... Continue Reading →

Over The Balcony – 2

At the end of this story, there's an opportunity for you to do something great. Please read the instructions for the opportunity. "Thank you for the book. I like it.” “You too thank you for all the books you have been giving me.” “So, do you like Texture of Air?” “That guy tried. Alabi, he... Continue Reading →

Over The Balcony

A week later, the power outage proved to be the catalyst that led Umm Rumaysah to the balcony that Sunday evening. She had slept off after asr prayer on the rug in her room. Immediately the standing fan gave up, her overall hijab became damp of sweat as if on cue. She jumped to her... Continue Reading →

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