Adejumo Debut Novella Comes Out

Tope Ganiyat Fajingbesi : I am so amazed that a book so short can contain so much. Tohib gives readers front row seats into the minds of the American children of Nigerian immigrants, and he explains so many important issues in Islam in the easiest and most beautiful manner. I enjoyed reading this Novella, not... Continue Reading →


I like him. And so?

‘’heh heh… see me see trouble o,’’ Laila shouted, followed by a long hiss. ‘’What happened?’’ Mujeedat inquired, curiosity written all over her pimples rigged face. Ronke and Halimah turned their gazes towards the duo who were sitting on a long wooden bench close to the fence. Paying attention to what Laila was about to... Continue Reading →

That Lousy Album

The sky was dusky, covered by heaps of clouds announcing the impending stream of water about to let loose from above. Heavy wind blew over the streets of Oniyanrin forcing the palm trees behind the mosque to fan their leaves. Jamal stood in front of the mosque gazing at people returning from their workplaces. A... Continue Reading →

A Joyous Day at our Apata House

In the early morning sun on the Thursday of July 12, 2004 I sat with my brother and cousins inside our grandmother’s blue Isuzu pickup truck, anger palpable from our faces as we awaited our Americana uncle to come and take us to his friend’s wedding party to help carry rental chairs and canopies. We... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to Terror

‘’Can I have that girl before tomorrow’s martyrdom?’’ Yunus pointed towards the direction of the kidnapped girls, who sat around a tree and whose faces exhibited melancholy as he joined Abu Birna in his early morning routine walk around Kelwa. The village streets were damp, ponds of water forming about the village potholes. ‘’Which one?’’... Continue Reading →

Resilient Heart

It was the day my world propelled into turbulence. I was in junior secondary school three and had just turned fifteen. It was the week of revisions so on that Monday morning when I felt that the malaria was tightening its grip on me I thought staying home would be better. ‘’Make sure to sleep... Continue Reading →

A Revelation at Dawn

A flash of lightening lit up the mosque and in a few seconds a thunder clap made its way down to the earth. The men sitting in a circle on tattered mats cringed at the sound before they resumed their discussion. It was late at night, they had just finished praying Isha’ but because of... Continue Reading →

A Call from Grand Central

I know people will judge me, but just before you also do, let me tell you a little about myself. I know you would naturally want to know my name, age and where I was born and other mundane stuffs but like Bartleby, I would prefer not to talk about all of that. I live... Continue Reading →

Tohib Adejumo : A Concise Narration

The year of my birth—1992— was economically and politically a tumultuous one for both Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Originally, my family is from Nigeria, we are Nigerians, but my parents were born and bred in Ivory Coast, a West African French speaking country three borders away from Nigeria.  Due to the declining economy of Ivory... Continue Reading →

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