A Novelist’s Reflection on the Nigerian Christian…

Years ago, I was a junior secondary school pupil of Government College, Ibadan. Early morning on assembly ground, I would watch as Miss Jimoh or Mrs. Oyerinde, stand eyes closed in prayer, cane in hand, while concluding each prayer sentence with “in the name of Jesus!” Young as I was during those years, there was... Continue Reading →


Kunle Adebajo: Invaluable Gem for Muslim students

To the best of my recollection, the very first book gift I got was from my elder brother, Bayo Bajo, on the occasion of my 14th or 15th birthday anniversary. It was a book on Public Speaking that significantly boosted my confidence and passion for rhetorics. The second was from friend and colleague, Mujib Jimoh... Continue Reading →

The Poet and Beneath Her Headscarf 

Poet Rasaq Malik poses as he reads from Tohib Adejumo's Beneath Her Headscarf. You can click here to order your copy in Nigeria. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Beneath Her Headscarf is also available regional wide at this bookstores: Abuja 1. Adam Pages, Machima Plaza, No 2, Mambolo Close, Off Sultan Abubakar Way, Wuse 2, Abuja. 08033441618... Continue Reading →

On Muslim woman, feminism and society

The Muslim woman has fared far better than the Muslims altogether. She has become strong, and with a tinge of oxymoron, also really, really vulnerable. Being the first area of questioning by non Muslims has made us critical of our stand with the girl child. So she has become successful in her education and career... Continue Reading →

The Independent Generation

On Sunday, I spoke with my grandma and we talked about Nigeria. She had said a few weeks ago that if she didn't have us in the U.S., she would have fled Nigeria. I laughed, the way she said it was funny. So like always, she prayed that our own children will also take care... Continue Reading →

Dear Tohib,

Tohib, Strive not to be a source of problem in people's lives. Live within yourself. Do not feel entitled at other people's lives. Do not harm them emotionally, verbally, or physically. In short, don't hurt them at all : you can do this by not poking your nose in their businesses. When unwittingly you hurt... Continue Reading →

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