Dreams and Realities 

On Friday night, as my wife wrote a message on a card alongside the gift we were preparing to give to my friend and her husband who got married yesterday, it came upon me that my wife and I did not receive wedding gift on our wedding day. Not even one.  Yesterday, we drove up... Continue Reading →


Modernity – Tohib Adejumo

Growing up in Nigeria at the ending years of the 20th century, my understanding of modernity (a modern life) was informed mainly by the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood. Modernity was represented by modern films which typically took place in cities and urban areas, and antiquity (premodern era) was represented by ancient movies set in villages,... Continue Reading →

My Aminah: Love and Promises 

Free writing, to me, was not just a technique to increase proficiency or make someone become prolific; rather it included a therapeutic way of expressing emotions. And so that evening I began to write freely, to find solace in my written words, to find patterns, to get a cathartic experience, to discard the bottled emotions... Continue Reading →

The Poet and Beneath Her Headscarf 

Poet Rasaq Malik poses as he reads from Tohib Adejumo's Beneath Her Headscarf. You can click here to order your copy in Nigeria. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Beneath Her Headscarf is also available regional wide at this bookstores: Abuja 1. Adam Pages, Machima Plaza, No 2, Mambolo Close, Off Sultan Abubakar Way, Wuse 2, Abuja. 08033441618... Continue Reading →

On Muslim woman, feminism and society

The Muslim woman has fared far better than the Muslims altogether. She has become strong, and with a tinge of oxymoron, also really, really vulnerable. Being the first area of questioning by non Muslims has made us critical of our stand with the girl child. So she has become successful in her education and career... Continue Reading →

The Independent Generation

On Sunday, I spoke with my grandma and we talked about Nigeria. She had said a few weeks ago that if she didn't have us in the U.S., she would have fled Nigeria. I laughed, the way she said it was funny. So like always, she prayed that our own children will also take care... Continue Reading →

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