Beneath Her Headscarf 




After debuting as an online series which was read by over twenty thousand people, Beneath Her Headscarf (Khimar) by popular demand was  published to retain its rightful status as a classic in the genre of Muslim fiction, and a must have in any Muslim home. When Ruqoyah met her friend, Aa’siyah at a convenient store again after a couple of years, she was partly happy and partly sad. Their friendship reminded her of a past she would rather forget but also stroke out a light path in her to manage the darkness of her suffocating matrimony. In this story of religious, emotional and spiritual conflicts, Ruqoyah will have to face her haunting past, and deal with it, without losing her family, friends, herself, and most importantly her relationship with Allah. Buy here


Love in Ramadan 



Love in Ramadan captures the life of Malik, a Nigerian American Muslim, who after his first year at Cornell University, reflects at his life on campus; his academic, social, and spiritual challenges and breakthroughs which leads him to a decision that would leave his parents astounded. As if one twist in Malik’s new rebellious lifestyle wasn’t enough, his (love) interest for a young woman named Patricia has a few turns of its own opening up new avenues for an unexpected, yet, beautiful and spiritually, romantic connection. However, relationships don’t outlast fate, and Malik will soon find out, it is better to have loved young, than to have never loved at all. Buy here.