Oasis Library

Oasis Library is a nonprofit library located at Kuola-Apata in Ibadan, Nigeria, that provides a space for community members to access books, connects teenagers with mentors, and an after-school center for tutoring and homework support.

Our goal is to improve the reading culture among youths and to help them attain proficiency in critical-thinking, problem solving and writing. To help our youths become good citizens and advocates for good education and proper living

loaning books

We shelf varieties of books – from classic to contemporary, novels to textbooks, memoirs to motivational books – to our community members and offer other activities such as children reading, book club, poetry reading…


We provide free tutoring and homework support to primary school children.


We mentor and offer guidance to teenagers.

Tohib Adejumo is the founder of Oasis Library. After studying the enormous amount of research linking reading in childhood to success in life, he decided to provide an oasis in the book desert that his childhood neighborhood was so that children there can have access to books.

Children of the community reading books at their leisure.

Let’s improve reading culture together.