Rights and Responsibilities : What Your Imam Didn’t Tell You About Marriage

So, a brother says to me, we hear you, be good to our wives, be romantic and all that, but how can we do these when they're not doing this and that. And more specifically, how am I going to want to come home early and spend time with her when I don't feel appreciated... Continue Reading →


Over The Balcony – 2

At the end of this story, there's an opportunity for you to do something great. Please read the instructions for the opportunity. "Thank you for the book. I like it.” “You too thank you for all the books you have been giving me.” “So, do you like Texture of Air?” “That guy tried. Alabi, he... Continue Reading →

Over The Balcony

A week later, the power outage proved to be the catalyst that led Umm Rumaysah to the balcony that Sunday evening. She had slept off after asr prayer on the rug in her room. Immediately the standing fan gave up, her overall hijab became damp of sweat as if on cue. She jumped to her... Continue Reading →

Dreams and Realities 

On Friday night, as my wife wrote a message on a card alongside the gift we were preparing to give to my friend and her husband who got married yesterday, it came upon me that my wife and I did not receive wedding gift on our wedding day. Not even one.  Yesterday, we drove up... Continue Reading →

Modernity – Tohib Adejumo

Growing up in Nigeria at the ending years of the 20th century, my understanding of modernity (a modern life) was informed mainly by the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood. Modernity was represented by modern films which typically took place in cities and urban areas, and antiquity (premodern era) was represented by ancient movies set in villages,... Continue Reading →

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