Enjoying Life As it Comes

This night coming back from Masjid, son in the back seat started to tell me all the things he wishes he had. He wanted to have his own iPad, TV to watch whatever, to have his own house, to be able to drink whatever he wanted. Then finally he asked me when he’s going to be an adult. I told him in shaa Allah he would get all that one day when he becomes an adult.

I then cautioned him that adulthood is not fun and it is much more than having the kinds of freedom he thinks I have that he’s wishing for. I told him being a child is much more fun and that he should enjoy his childhood while it lasts.

He wasn’t convinced. He argued that he sees me watching TV sometimes and so I’m having fun. I dropped it as he went on another tangent of how he wished he can invite anyone to his house. I said your cousin, Zayd, right? He said yes, and Zaky too. I told him Zaky is not real.

Life is a mirage, people. I remember being his age and looking forward to adulthood like it’s the best thing since Jollof Rice. I am trying to tell him to enjoy childhood as that’s the best part of life as far as I’m concerned.

Take time out to appreciate the present, people. Be intentional about every prayer. Every meal. Every hug. Every book read. Every bill paid. Life is a mirage. May Allah grant us beautiful lives.


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