Remembering The Pandemic Ramadan

The core practices of Islam can be done in total Isolation if and when situation necessitates so. In spite of social scientists, Islam is not an ‘organized religion’. It is a personal relationship with God which then impacts how one acts with and organize the social . Remember we’ll all stand before God on the day of Judgment alone.

Faith : You don’t need to be in a gathering to have and declare the faith in your heart.

Salah : God has made the entire earth a masjid for Muslims. You can pray in your home.

Zakah: You can pay your zakah remotely. You don’t need a gathering at the mosque to do charity.

Sawm: You can fast in isolation. Taraweeh is a sunnah and can be done privately at home.

Hajj: Pilgrimage to Makkah is only obligatory if you’re able to perform it. In this case, it is not safe to travel so you’re not obligated to perform hajj.

Tafsir of Qur’an: You can read and reflect on God’s ayah on your own. And in this age, there are various ways to access tafsir virtually.

Obviously we long for the social aspects of our religion back. But we need to humble ourselves and accept the situation our handworks have brought upon us so that we can appreciate more the social aspects of our Deen better when this crisis is over.

May God lift this scourge from us. Allahuma balighna Ramadan.


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