The Pain I Give

I’m on a flight to Sydney, Australia. The attendant asks if I want tea or wine. I tell her tea is fine. The passenger beside me, an old woman, opts for red wine. I ask her what she is going to Australia for, and she says it’s the last country on her bucket list. She... Continue Reading →


His Wife’s Friends

There's a man who live with his wife in a quiet college town in Kentucky. This man graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, and It was there also that he met his wife. He was brilliant, hence the scholarship to study abroad. He was also really active and known in MSSN circles. He was versed in... Continue Reading →

Your Vows: The Implications of ‘I do’

Fellow Husband, Congratulations on one of life’s most important feats! You’re ecstatic. The beautiful lady is finally yours. No more sleepless nights on phone calls. The sleepless nights you are having now are sweet and intimate. As I extend this warm greetings to you and sincerely wish you a blessed matrimony, I know there are... Continue Reading →

Negligee Night: The Silent Husband – 2

This episode is For you, Ruqayah:  A Brilliant Friend, Who Pushes for Excellence in Everything....  The drive home is pretty effortless; no traffic, except for the light shower coming from above. As the wiper swooshes away the strokes on the windscreen, he imagines how his life would be if he were to venture into the... Continue Reading →

The Silent Husband

The silent husband, that is what he calls himself — not to people of course, but to himself. This evening, however, things will change. He is going to talk and perhaps raise his voice. He will not smile and brush issues off as nothing, rather he will flinch and let her have it. Show her... Continue Reading →

A Fleeting Fall

So, I’m sitting here in the kitchen, staring at a blank page of Microsoft Word, and thinking of what to write. Last night, my thesis advisor, Fatima, had told me to dig deep into myself and let the story come out. And then it will be true just like in Langston Hughes’ Theme B. Her... Continue Reading →

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