The “Why?” We Don’t Ask

One time I was speaking to a friend from my college days. In the middle of our conversation, she paused momentarily, and said, “Tohib, you’re blessed…”

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to be modest, and downplay my situation, but it wouldn’t be right. I needed to be honest, too. My friend is brilliant. We left college the same year, but it seems in relationship, finance, and other indicators of good life, I was doing better, she saw that and noted it. And I just couldn’t say anything, other than muttering Alhamdulillah.

That day has stuck in my head and I replay it from time to time. I was asked recently what brings me joy and I said the little things of life. Like grocery shopping, or starting at the blinds in the kitchen or the blender, or glancing at the mini library in the children’s room, taking in such a marvel, and remembering a time, decades ago when all these lived in my head. Seeing those little things in real life is nothing but a tremendous blessing from Allah.

So, I ask, why me? Why us? Why am I this blessed? Why are you so brilliant than others? Why do I have these little things that bring joy and some don’t?

I ask this because we tend to ask “why me?” only when things don’t go our way or when life is being harsh at us – when we’re sick, out of job, and going through some emotional pains. I remember because years ago in New York, I glanced at the bathroom mirror, cleaned the tears forming on my eyes, and ask Oh Allah, I’m trying my best to do what please you… I didn’t say why to my best remembrance, but I did come close.

Khuliqa’l insaan aluwan…

Look at what you have… Perhaps you’ll feel less worried about the things you don’t have. And perhaps, you’ll be able to say… I’m blessed!


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  1. I have been intentionally more thankful recently as I am now more than ever aware of the blessings I have especially as a woman in her mid 40s. While it causes me anxiety sometimes I still remember to say Alhamdulillah always

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