Seeing Parents in Other Dimensions

This night of light drizzles my brother and I discuss certain issues which reminded me of some earlier discussion I had with a friend around family, specifically parents.

As we become older, certain things become clearer, and one of those things is we’re able to see the people we hold in high esteem – our parents – whom, we may have seen as nearly perfect beings with our childhood eyes, are now seen for fallible humans they’ve always been.

We see them in their imperfections at a time they’re transitioning into old age, when power dynamics are changing, when they’re probably more in need of us than we need them, and a time when our education and knowledge of the current realities out shine theirs. They’re losing power; we’re gaining it.

At this time it is tempting to try to keep that perfect view of our parents by trying to mold, persuade and get them to change their habits, worldviews, and inclinations to ones that fit into what we currently hold as germane.

We have to be very cautious and learn to stop and think if somethings are worth risking their fragile sense of control at this point which may lead to some serious conflict issues. Elasticity at this age for many is pretty stiff so for the most part it may be better to deal with somethings with compassion and finetune in a less confronting way. Or simply overlook, and focus on the beautiful things in them.


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