Fadeyi: The Gun Bearer – Oladeinde Olawoyin

"Suke!" . There is a part of my memory that houses that fascinating demon, Fadeyi Oloro (Ojo Arowosafe). Mean, crafty and merciless, Fadeyi was the old Yoruba cinema’s Deimos – the quintessence of terror in Greek mythology. His darkened face, sometimes made more horrific by excessive cosmetics, was perhaps a reflection of what dwelled in... Continue Reading →


Something in the Air

It's a Monday morning and I feel tired. Something about this early sunshine takes me back to Ìbàdàn of the late nineties when we lived in a story building at the banks of Ogunpa River in Mọ̀lété. There's a strange similarity in the air. I was very young, barely speaking, and I had fallen sick.... Continue Reading →

The Myth Of Happiness

The height of happiness was when my son was born, but that state of intense joy was fleeting, marred by sadness of my sickness. My wife was in fear. So, you see, at this level of happiness there was still sadness lurking, as for the first time in my life, I actually feared that I... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan Complex

There is this story - a parable - of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus in the Bible. A traveler was robbed, beaten, striped off his clothes and left to die on the road. A religious priest traveling saw the beaten man and walked away and so did a Levi. It was a man from... Continue Reading →

Racing Towards Distraction

Cold, he cuddles up on the sofa, blue laptop in hand, and fumbles through the blog, doing some updates. Shivering, he sits up and sets the computer on the thighs, field-notes to code, ethnographic analysis to write ahead of Monday. It is bitingly cold, and the hands of time shall be stretched forward tonight. The... Continue Reading →

Over The Balcony – 2

At the end of this story, there's an opportunity for you to do something great. Please read the instructions for the opportunity. "Thank you for the book. I like it.” “You too thank you for all the books you have been giving me.” “So, do you like Texture of Air?” “That guy tried. Alabi, he... Continue Reading →

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