Literary Critic, Saeedah Bashir on Beneath Her Headscarf

Beneath Her Headscarf is a novel that chronicles the journey of a Muslim lady, Ruqayah, from discovery of faith to its extremity, and subsequent turn around to its proper practice.

The book details the experience of new students in universities, especially those that discover Islam in school, and how they progress in their quest to procure pristine knowledge and ideal practice of the deen. These students are passionate, ambitious, zealous and to cap it all, innocent, and they become so engrossed on their journey that some, unfortunately, end up on the wrong path, jettisoning their initial intention and losing touch with the exact deen they sought.

This is not all their faults as they are snared in the traps of some Muslim organisations that preach extreme views and uphold bizarre practices that are against, and at times, totally alien, to the teachings of Islam. These people’s experience is too much for the new recruits and eventually they become consumed and overwhelmed such that they eventually become more pope than the Catholics.

My words cannot do justice to the important message in the book. The solution? Just get yourself a copy. It wouldn’t only look good on your bookshelf, it will add value to your life as well…
Have an enjoyable read…


Saeedah Bashir is a literary critic and a freelance editor.


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