Muslim Thinker, Mallam Abdulbasit Kassim Praises Beneath Her Headscarf

BOOK ALERT: “Beneath Her Headscarf” by Tohib Adejumo

“Beneath Her Headscarf” authored by our very own Tohib Adejumo is here. You can check his timeline for his live video where he gave a synopsis of the book.

There are many reasons why I am passionate about this book. If you substitute the female lead character in the book, Beneath Her Headscarf tells a familiar story that captures the journey most of us embarked upon in our search for a meaning in life. The book brought back all the untold memories, the soliloquy and abstruse odyssey in our attempt to decipher the sacred and the profane, the contumacious rebellion against the sacred order bequeathed upon us by our parents, the sanctimonious effervescence and cephalalgia that stamped our sacred journey from one spiritual order to another, the enduring misstep that etched an everlasting scar on our hearts, the search for an escape route to get out of the “Sunken Place” where we were paralyzed and our sense of agency filched, the rage that developed after leaving the “Sunken Place”, the healing process, the joy of survival and the bliss of leaving the pieces of baggage behind for a new course in life, and finally the reunion with the architect of the universe.

It is a must-read book for parents, students, educators, community leaders and the public in general.

To fulfill my promise, here is the list of the individuals who will each be gifted with a copy of the book:

1. Muhammad Sunusi Waru
2. Abdulrasheed Magnifico Suleiman
3. Mahmood Ibrahim Magaji
4. Kúnlé Adébàjò
5. Haroon Ibraheem
6. Abdulrahman Mohammed Abu-yaman
7. Muhammed Danlitiny Abdullahi
8. Ahmad Isa
9. Rabi’u M Inuwa
10. Junaid Muhammad Sharfadi
And I am adding four more individuals to the list:

11. Aliyu Jalal
12. Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu (My Namesake)
13. Karimot Isiaka
14. Ruqayah Abduwahab

Karimot and Ruqayah are doing great things that have long-term benefits to our community. Karimot is a life coach while Ruqayah runs the Sanemind project which caters for mental health-related issues.

Kindly inbox me and let me know your location so that I can decide whether to send the book to you through AMAB Bookstore or Bushrah Bookstore.

Tohib has fulfilled a tremendous service by writing this book and the minimal favor we can do to appreciate him is by buying a copy of the book. Buy a copy for yourself and buy extra copies for your children, siblings, and friends.

Permit me to bring this book to your attention, Daddy Isa Muhammad Jiddah Alfadlah Yakubu Musa Our beloved mother Rabia Said Ibrahim Sanyi-Sanyi Baba Bala Katsina Nasir Bello Abdulrazak Ibrahim Professor Abubakar Aliyu Liman Hajiya Hauwa Umar Aliyu Usman M. Mareri Zainab Magaji Aliyu A. Wali Tijjani Ahmad Furera Bagel Abdulaziz Abdulaziz Muhammad Shakir Balogun Hussaini Modibbo Wurno

You can buy a copy from AMAB Bookstore or contact Mr. Nurdin Tèmítáyò Búsàrí. You can also buy a copy from Bushrah Bookstore or contact Olagunju Bushrah

Mallam Abdulbasit Kassim is a an assistant professor of Religious Studies and a PhD candidate at Rice University, Texas.


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