Dear Tohib,


Strive not to be a source of problem in people’s lives. Live within yourself. Do not feel entitled at other people’s lives. Do not harm them emotionally, verbally, or physically. In short, don’t hurt them at all : you can do this by not poking your nose in their businesses. When unwittingly you hurt them and they claimed you did, even though you didn’t intend to, apologize sincerely.

Do not allow people to abuse you. Stand against abuse even if it means breaking some cultural norms. Stand for justice no matter who the oppressor is.

Live like a wayfarer in this world. And face Him. And know that no one in this world, absolutely no one, cares for your wellbeing better than Allāh. So when the people of the world push you towards depression, and mock you towards self-harm, flee away from them and turn to Him in sujood. Look around and ponder on the blessings He has been showering upon you. Look at him, look at her, look at it, look at them, look…and praise Him for it.

At the end of every stressful time, examine your thoughts about Allah and see if you’re failing or passing. Know that Shaytan’s ultimate goal is to push you towards kufr, so don’t give in. Stressing over the affairs of people is a fast lane to a dark path so eschew that and turn to Allah. He knows what is in your heart, as he said in Surah al-Israh.

Worship your Lord until the certainty comes.


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