The Man and The Women – Episode 1

So, last night, I made a huge mistake, and the moment I opened the door, and saw my wife I knew there was no going back. Work yesterday had been stressful, so when I signed out, I was glad for the day to be over. I drove on Manhasset Boulevard with little slumbers at the traffic lights.

When I got home, my wife was watching TV in the living room. She gave me a face, and at first I was confused by it. What did I do? Won’t she say welcome?

Then it hit me. Like a gentle breeze, the realization spread over me. I sunk into the sofa, and removed my wristwatch, setting it down on the stool.

‘What are you doing here?’ She asked.

I gave no response.

‘You do know you shouldn’t be here tonight right.’

‘I know.’

‘You know? And you still come here.’

‘No, I didn’t know. I forgot. I’m so tired.’

‘Tired? Well, you have to go back. I can’t handle any clashes.’

‘I know. I will be on my way. Please get me water and perhaps biscuit or something. ‘

‘Alright.’ She walked out, and although I was sincerely tired, her walk did not miss my eyes. The slender girl I married had become curvy. She said she wanted to diet and shed weight, but I told her only excercise is enough, she should maintain the weight. I loved her new shape.

It was 5:42 in the morning. The muezin’s voice woke me up. A cup of water and cabin biscuits on a stool in front of me. My phone had a million missed calls from my wife.

Maimunah walked in and said she didn’t want to wake me. She talked to Layla over the phone and said I was here. Now, I need to explain to Layla.

Nítorí pé from fiction we see, and to fiction we deduce. 😉

Baba oni Story greets you all. Sọra fun….. Ọlọ́hun a wá pẹ̀lú ẹ. 🤷🏿‍♂️


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