A Sleep Over Gone Wrong

So, last night, I made a huge mistake, and the moment I opened the door, and saw my wife I knew there was no going back. Work yesterday had been stressful, so when I signed out, I was glad for the day to be over. I drove on Manhasset Boulevard with little slumbers at the traffic lights.

When I got home, my wife was watching TV in the living room. She gave me a face, and at first I was confused by it. What did I do? Won’t she say welcome?

Then it hit me. Like a gentle breeze, the realization spread over me. I sunk into the sofa, and undid my tie.

‘What are you doing here?’ She asked.

I gave no response.

‘You do know you shouldn’t be here tonight right.’

‘I know.’

‘You know? And you still come here.’

‘No, I didn’t know. I forgot. I’m so tired.’

‘Tired? Well, you have to go back. I can’t handle any clashes.’

‘I know. I will be on my way. Please get me water and perhaps biscuit or something. ‘

‘Alright.’ She walked out, and although I was sincerely tired, her walk did not miss my eyes. The slender girl I married had become curvy. She said she wanted to diet and shed weight, but I told her only excercise is enough, she should maintain the weight. I loved her new shape.

It was 5:42 in the morning. The muezin’s voice woke me up. A cup of water and cabin biscuits on a stool in front of me. My phone had thirty eight missed calls from my wife.

Maimunah walked in and said she didn’t want to wake me. She talked to Layla over the phone and said I was here. Now, I need to explain to Layla.

For from fiction we see, and to fiction we deduce. 😉

Baba oni Story greets you all.


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