Racing Towards Distraction

Cold, he cuddles up on the sofa, blue laptop in hand, and fumbles through the blog, doing some updates. Shivering, he sits up and sets the computer on the thighs, field-notes to code, ethnographic analysis to write ahead of Monday. It is bitingly cold, and the hands of time shall be stretched forward tonight. The day work is, as usual, boring. A never ending drama otherwise called life. He feels a hollow in his mind, thinking about the cost of it all on his essence. Earlier, he had discussed his country with a friend whose return has been marked with disappointments. Then he thinks about the ultimate point, and at this streams flow from his eyes:
“Striving for more distracts you, until you go into your graves.”

– Surah Takathur: 1-2 (Qur’an)


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