Adejumo Debut Novella Comes Out

Tope Ganiyat Fajingbesi : I am so amazed that a book so short can contain so much. Tohib gives readers front row seats into the minds of the American children of Nigerian immigrants, and he explains so many important issues in Islam in the easiest and most beautiful manner. I enjoyed reading this Novella, not just because of the important issues such as early marriage, love, marriage and cultural identity, which are so wonderfully discussed in it, but because it aligns perfectly with what I preach all the time, which is to live a purpose driven life.

Nusaibah Martha : I recommend this book, if I could describe it in one word, I would say: deep. I felt so many emotions as I delved deeper into Malik’s life (a Nigerian-American Muslim student). Love, one of the book’s main themes, is a universal thing. We will all experience love at a certain point in time. Nothing in life last forever, but they say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I agree! This story moved me, I’m sure it’ll move you too!

The book is only $6.95!

Here’s the official description: “Love in Ramadan captures the life of Malik, a Nigerian American Muslim student, who after his first year at Cornell University,
reflects at his life on campus; his academic, social, and spiritual challenges and breakthroughs which leads him to a decision that would leave his parents astounded. As if one twist in Malik’s new rebellious lifestyle wasn’t enough, his (love) interest for a young woman named Patricia has a few turns of its own opening up new avenues for an unexpected, yet, beautiful and spiritually, romantic connection. However, relationships don’t outlast fate, and Malik will soon find out, it is better to have loved young, than to have never loved at all.”






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